It is with immense excitement and pride that we share the news: Redi Software has achieved remarkable recognition in the business community by securing not just one, but TWO distinguished business accolades! First, we have been bestowed with the highly sought-after ‘Joondalup Business of the Year‘ award. In addition to this, we have also triumphantly secured the title of ‘Business of the Year (with more than 15 employees)‘. But that’s not all; we were also among the top contenders and emerged as proud finalists in the ‘Professional Services Industry Award‘.

These commendations are not just mere trophies or titles; they stand as a reflection of the unwavering dedication, burning passion, and relentless hard work that each member of our team has poured into our projects and initiatives. Reflecting on the past year, it’s astounding to think of our journey. We’ve expanded our horizons by taking the company to international platforms, witnessed a two-fold increase in our team strength, doubled our operational space, and significantly broadened our client base. To receive such acknowledgment and appreciation from our community and industry peers is genuinely humbling. We extend a deep and heartfelt thank you to every individual, partner, and client who has stood by us, believed in our vision, and supported our endeavours. And while these achievements are monumental, believe us when we say, this is just the beginning of our ambitious journey