Graduate Programs

Our accelerated Graduate Program is the optimum place to launch your professional career with one of Australia’s premier software companies. By placing you on a carefully crafted growth pathway, we will take your core talents and skills and provide opportunity’s to rapidly accelerate your knowledge and maximise your potential.

We will challenge your thinking and surround you with subject matter experts and global experts in their respected areas. You will be amongst the best of the best. You’ll be supported every step of the way, do work that matters and is critical to our business and be amongst fellow graduates either who are starting out like you or have been through the program and are now fully established and experienced team members.

Graduate Program FAQ’s

Simply use our main contact form and send us your details and we will be in contact.

Unlike others we do not limit our programs to a specified time like 24-months. Everybody is different. Some graduates are mature and already had careers in a totally different, possibly field. Some are new to the corporate world; some are extremely advanced for their years. Each program is tailored.

Unlike many programs we do not just put graduates with other graduates. You will work very closely with our most senior staff, sitting down regularly to review your progress and learning journey. You will learn from the best.

This is up to you! Some graduates prefer to operate in the background only, others long for the opportunity to meet and communicate with clients. He will always work with you on your preferences.

We have been recruiting skilled graduates for over 6 years and we continually evolve our program.

Not at all! We are so confident in our selection progress all our graduates are taken on as permanent, full-time employees.

In addition to the awesome graduate training program we also offer a lot of perks and benefits. Please click the link here to learn more on our careers page.

Intern Programs

Redi Software is happy to participate in Intern Programs from any level including High Schools. Do well as an intern and you can be invited back for a graduate role, or another intern position if you are still studying.

As an Intern you will be involved in our daily work and have the opportunity to make real contributions to our bustling tech company. We’ll help you develop your technical skills as well as soft skills, whilst gaining valuable experience. By the end of the internship, you’ll have amazing experience for your resume and a much better idea of where you could take your career.

Intern Program FAQ’s

Simply use our main contact form and send us your details and we will be in contact.

Currently we are only able to offer interns who are looking for experience within software and software development. Please check back in the future for other opportunities in differing fields.

Internships are unpaid and have a limited working timeframe and done in partnership with your school/collage/university. Otherwise, you will be classed as an employee and must go through the same process as any other employee or contractor.

This very much depends on the timing of the internship and our workload and staffing availability at the time.

This will vary greatly. It may be internal software, client software or simply shadowing and helping senior staff where possible.

We normally like to informally meet interns first so we can understand what they hope to achieve and take away from their time with us and give an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Redi Software.

Interested? Learn more about what it’s like to work with us at Redi Software.

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