Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, buildings, and other such entities that are connected over a network. Enabled with seamless connectivity using the software, sensors, and actuators, the interconnection highly relies on interconnection, security, and robust services.

From remote sensors thousands of kilometers away monitoring billions of datapoints on mine sites to smart building technology controlling the environment where you work, Redi Software solutions are controlling things and keeping people safe across the country.

We offer cutting-edge integrated Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions development for enterprises that deliver lesser time-to-market, high security, and scalability.

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Remote Sensors

Mobile on the road, in dangerous positions or in isolated, remote areas, we retrieve and amalgamate data feeds from such sensors.

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Big Data

Retrieving, storing and processing millions of datapoints can grow to terabytes of data quickly. We have the performance and optimisation experience to deal with this.

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Remote Operation

Connect, control, and manage critical equipment to constantly monitor critical metrics like temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. for corrective actions.

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Intermittent Storage

Remote sensors mounted on moving equipment such as trucks, trains, construction and farm equipment do not have constant internet connectivity. Advanced synchronisation technology is what we do.

Example Services

App Development Services

API Connectivity

We can integrate into your existing system, well known platform providers or bespoke API’s.

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App Development Services

Visualisation Platforms

The visualisation of large amounts of data is key in understanding it. From charts and graphs to advanced responsive dashboards and reports for mobile, web and desktop.

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Business Intelligence

We take visualisation further by not just creating a beautiful presentation but automation and workflow management around the data to proactively act upon it.

App Development Services

Data Aggregation

It is possible to mix apples and oranges! We can combine and normalise data from different providers, sensors and frequencies to name just a few. Bringing them together in a meaningful way.

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