Normally we can begin work immediately once the paperwork is signed. Depending upon the project there may be a period of design work and going through detailed specifications so actual development (coding) does not always begin on day one, but every project is different.

We prefer to meet clients for the first time in person as we feel it’s a good way to start a business relationship, at least for the first meeting. However, during these challenging times of Covid and the distributed nature of business, we are happy to conduct meetings remotely online.

Of course. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with well established clients that can act as a reference on our behalf where you can ask any questions that you have.

Absolutely. Regardless of if we are taking over the project with an insight to rebuilding/modernising it or if we are continuing the evolution of the software, as long as we are familiar with the development language we will be able to continue with your existing systems.


We use industry standard best practice techniques to protect your software. We ensure encryption is used where possible, we protect against common vulnerabilities and always prioritise security over everything else. Security is a complex area are we are happy discussing this in more detail with you depending upon the needs of your project.

Support & Maintenance

Absolutely. We will support the software for the duration of its live. We will discuss support & maintenance with you as part of the project post live offerings.

Technology moves at a fantastic pace. Regular framework, library and platform updates are critical to keep your software secure and up to date. Without these, your software will slowly become harder to upgrade until a point where it might even require a total rewrite which can be expensive and take a substantial time. Small, frequent updates are our recommended approach.

Ownership & Data

You do! We understand that a lot of data is extremely valuable, both from an operational business perspective but also from a potential sales or marketing perspective. For this reason all your data is your property and while we might have access to it, it does not belong to us. Think of it like your money and we are the bank who are custodians of it.

Absolutely not. All data is isolated from all other client’s data. There is no accidental transfer of data or sharing of data across systems internally or externally. We have never and will never sell your data. We treat it in an extremely confidential way and handle it with the upmost care.

This is a simple one. You do! Our clients on the code outright with no limits on distribution, usage or ownership. Should you ever wish to value the code against your business valuation, bring your code inhouse or want to on sell it, unlike many of our competitors, there is no additional fee. Please see the terms of your contract for further details.

Hosting & Backup

There are two options for hosting: 

Host on Redi Apps Servers

We can host this system on our severs which are housed in a major East Coast datacentre. This is the option we would recommend in the early start-up phase or if you have a very low use application.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

We are recommending Microsoft Azure as the hosting platform. Microsoft Azure has a number of datacentres within Australia and the secure platform is highly available and scalable.

Unless you specifically request to do so for example for geo-redundancy reasons, then your data will always remain hosted within Australia.

Development & Technology

Unlike many of our competitors we are not just a ‘face’ or shell for an offshore development team. We are 100% owned and operated within Australia. All our team are based here.

This will vary depending on the needs of your project but generally: 

Front End

React JS – A framework developed by Facebook for developing modern user interfaces on desktop, tablet, and phone web browsers.  

HTML 5 and CSS, and JavaScript – Standard technologies for building modern web apps. 

Back End 

C# .NET, Web API – Microsoft server-side development technologies 


MS SQL Server – Well establish, enterprise grade relational database technology 

Mobile Applications 

React Native – React Native is an UI software framework created by Facebook, Inc. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS 

We have aligned ourselves predominantly with Microsoft who provide industry standard technology for enterprises globally. We use the latest, most up to date iterations of these development languages and while some of these technologies have been around for decades, this is one of the reasons we have chosen them as they will be around for many more decades. Using industry standard software also assists with future proofing, compatibility and support.

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