We appreciate that not having detailed knowledge of something can be frustrating, especially if you are not able to validate what other supposed subject matter experts are telling you. This could easily be tradie, car mechanic or in this case software developer. If you do not understand how to architect software, secure it, design it, choose the correct technology/platform and then ultimately build it, it’s a very complex and confusing world. Well, we are happy to step in and offer impartial unbiased opinions. We will not try to sell you our other services or push anything on to you. We will give you a non-technical report on the quality of code, the style and the technology choice. We will also let you know if there are any major issues, shortcomings or obvious security risks.

Our team of highly skilled software developers have a large breadth of experience on working on numerous software projects in many different industries. Our experts have seen it all, they know the difference between well written, maintainable, efficient code and what is the exact opposite. We have inherited code that has been outsourced and are familiar with many different design patterns and standards.

Impartial Opinions

External honest and impartial advice & guidance, we will not just tell you what you want to hear.

Best Practice Comparison

A review of software alignment to industry standards and best practices.

Second Opinions

Reviews of bespoke software that has been written externally by a 3rd party to evaluate its quality and structure under the hood.

Improvement Suggestions

Recommendations for improvements at a code level or from a strategic level.

Example Services

Architecture Assessment

Low level system architecture reviews to see structurally how sound projects are.

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Code Structure Analysis

A detailed breakdown by styles, techniques and patterns that have been used throughout a codes repository and how this compares to best practices.

User Experience Review

An investigation into usability from a 3rd party perspective factoring in browser compatibility, accessibility, easy of use and implementation technology.

Database Structure Evaluation

A complete and comprehensive review on the building blocks of your software analysing everything from normalisation, index design, performance, platform choice to name but a few areas.

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