100% Australian Based Staff

12+ Years in Business

100% Customer Retention

9.5 Net Promoter Score

5 Star Google Rating

100+ Million Lines of Code Written

Our Philosophy

We are proudly a 100% owned and operated Australian company, with all our work done here in Perth. We do not offshore projects, so you can rest assured your project, IP (intellectual property), source code and ideas are safe. We feel very strongly that a local Australian development team is critical to successfully delivering projects to our clients. Today Redi Software’s focus is on building the best software possible using modern software development technologies. We see ourselves as an extension of your company, as a software/IT department not just as an external supplier and that sets us apart from other competitors.

“Redi Software have been there every step of the way through our amazing software journey. They removed the pain of building software and allowed us to focus on building the business.”

Dr. Kris Thyer, Founder, The Tooth Market

Why are we any different?

We are with you for the long haul. We maintain and support your software for the duration of its life, no matter how long. We aim to partner with clients not just for the time to complete a single project but for the decades ahead. In addition, We create the code, but we do not own it. You own 100% of your code and all intellectual property. We do not ‘black box’ anything or make accessing it difficult. You have full access at all times with no additional cost.

“They are knowledgeable, proactive and lateral in thinking which has allowed us to develop systems that streamline our internal procedures, as well as allowing us to provide a continually improving client experience.”

Selwin Freese, CEO, Kitchen Craftsmen

Our Success Story

  • Founded: March 2010
  • First Employee & Office: August 2015
  • Renamed to Redi Apps: Jan 2019
  • Relocated to current offices: May 2019
  • Daniel Foster appointed General Manager: July 2020
  • Renamed to Redi Software: Jan 2022

Microsoft Partnership

Our partnership means that we have the highest degree of trust from Microsoft. You are guaranteed to be in good hands, we are expertly and confidently able to fully use their tools and applications. We have access to the resources that are necessary to create solid systems. This enables us to offer advanced and premium services and solutions for small and mid-sized business clients. We fine tune them for greater efficiency while helping you maintain them so you can get the most out of them.

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