No matter how old your platform is, if we have the source code or access to the platform then we can either upgrade or rebuild it. If you do not have the source code, then there may still be salvageable elements such as the database and the business layer and front end can be rebuilt. Whatever your circumstances please reach out and we can work with you on a migration or conversion plan. There are many reasons why a technology change or transformation is needed including: 

  • You had software written by a ‘friend of a friend’ which is no longer suitable or out of date 
  • Your existing software has not been maintained and needs updating 
  • Your existing software was written quite some time ago and its language, framework or technology is no longer supported
  • You need to change technology to something more robust and professional 
  • You want to migrate from open source to something more robust, scalable and secure 

Below are some very common conversions and migrations which we have encountered 

  • PHP to .NET 
  • My SQL to Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server  
  • On Premise to Cloud hosting 
  • .NET Framework to .NET Core 
  • Microsoft Membership to .NET Identities 
  • LAMP architecture to .NET 
  • WordPress to .NET/React 
  • Bootstrap & jQuery to React/Angular 
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Changing Requirements

Legacy systems may no longer fully meet your current business requirements and the environment you operate in. A legacy update could substantially improve efficiency and productivity.

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Unlock Potential

Software platforms and languages change over time and updating to the latest technology brings security enhancements, performance gains and unlocks potential.

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Partial Refresh

Often an entire system rebuild is not required. Sometimes only one layer such as the front end or database needs to be modernised or tuned.

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Unsupported Languages

Many business systems were written over 10 years ago. Unsupported languages and platforms open you to security vulnerabilities and degraded performance and need to be modernised.

Example Services

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MS Access Conversions

You have an old Microsoft Access database (or similar) which can no longer cope under the strain or you have simply grown and need a more professional solution.

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On Premise to Cloud

Unlock the potential and cost savings of cloud infrastructure and move away from physical servers and on-site infrastructure.

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App Development Services

Opensource to Proprietary

Migration to well supported, scalable, patched and stable development languages and technologies used in corporate environments such as Microsoft .NET.

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.NET Framework Upgrades

The Microsoft .NET framework has evolved a great deal over the last few years. We can update legacy and out of support .NET Framework version to the latest iteration.

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