Virtually every start-up and organization require a technically sound individual who can spearhead projects and make technical managerial decisions to achieve organizational goals. A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the highest technology executive position within a company and leads the technology or engineering department.

A CTO must not only be a senior developer but a person with a broad range of expert knowledge. This specialist is a business analyst and business development manager with deep tech knowledge. That is why it is common for modern businesses to hire a CTO as a service rather than attempt to hire their own. This service is particularly applicable to start-ups, small businesses, interim periods for large organisations while attempting to recruit their own or just as an additional advisory service. There are many reasons to consider this approach.

Cost effective

Start-ups or SME’s can afford world class services of experienced CTO’s without having to add them to the internal payroll using CTO as a Services.

An Entire Team

Redi Software has multiple capable CTO level staff who can pool experience and provide the best outcomes.

Subject Matter Support

We can lean on other internal experts such as developers, architects & security experts so there is no reliance on just one individual’s knowledge.

Driven by Vision

We focus on technology-driven challenges and envisage the bigger picture vision.

Example Services

Investor/Board Meetings

Offering a strong technical backing at an executive level is key to navigating high level strategic meetings.

Department Setup

From establishment of CI/CD processes, code repositories and user access management to language and hosting selections.

Roadmaps & Timelines

Developing roadmaps and timelines in line with your business targets from a technology and software perspective.

Advice & Guidance

Provide expert suggestions on your development platform and technology for your business.

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