Much like a builder building a house, a good design is essential before construction begins. In the same way, not everyone lives in the same style of house and every house is unique. Software is no different. Every software project is unique. We can architect small, functional systems for start-ups through to large scale, enterprise wide implementations with a global footprint.

At Redi Software we try to understand not only your immediate needs today but also where we see the software evolving in the years to come.

Best Practice

Industry standard and best practice techniques and styles to ensure a universal understanding of our construction.

Lessons Learned

Solutions to avoid the common issues and gotchas which our senior team have learned through a combined experience totaling into the hundreds of years.


We build for scale, while you might only have 100 customers today, in 12 months you could have a million across the globe. We factor this in from the offset.


Security is made the front and centre issue of all architectural decisions.

Example Services

Napkin to Realisation

From a simple ‘back of a napkin’ sketch or internal spreadsheet through to a comprehensive legacy system that needs redesigning, we can work with any level of complexity and detail.

Futureproofed Systems

Where possible solutions are designed to be layered and modularised allowing for technology to change without a total rebuild of the project.

Flexible Design

We avoid rigid, inflexible design decision knowing change is inevitable.

Corporate Level Professionalism

Regardless of if you are a sole trader, a small business or a global corporation, we treat every project the same with the same level of attention to detail and professional design approach.

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The Tooth Market (TTM)
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Single Source Solutions
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Pacific Islands International

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