Whatever the reason for needing a software product quickly, not fully feature rich or when a simple mock-up will surface, we can help. With our ever-expanding experience within the start-up sector, we have gained valuable experience in what it takes to strip software requirements down to their bare minimum components, prioritise these and deliver them in a basic form. All the time factoring in that a project could be expanded on in the future and code should not be ‘thrown away’ unless it absolutely has to be. Our approach is to challenge every requirement and feature and give you alternative options form both a technological approach as well as end product functionality. Often this comes at the cost of business to us but as a core philosophy is partnering for life with our customers, your success is our success. Unlike many of our competitors, pressuring you to develop more functionality, while more profitable in the short term is not an ethical way to operate. Please reach out and let us challenge your product and build a true unbiased MVP or prototype.

Pre-Investment Validation

You want to validate your ideas before investing in a fully functional piece of software or you need a tangible product to help secure investment.

Speed of Entry

You need to get a product to market as fast as possible to beat a competitor or because they already have a product in development.

Cost Effective Experimentation

You want to experiment with ideas before deciding on final designs and functionality and doing so if far cheaper than altering developed solutions.

Constraint Management

You have a limited budget or timeframe and need a minimal viable product delivering to your business or to your wider market.

Example Services

Ideation and Software Design

We take you through the idea phase to refine and flesh-out basic concepts and designs to form the basis of tangible software products.

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Requirements Gathering

Gathering requirements, prioritising and breaking down the requirements is key to scope, time and budget management.

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UX/UI Design

We can assist in the frontend graphical design (UX/UI) of your software as a starting point before a single line of code is written to help secure investment or company signoff.

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Professional system design at a low level is the foundation of any software. Solid architect of your software is key.

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