Redi Software was delighted to be a sponsor of the Data & AI for Business Conference & Exhibition held at the Westin in Perth on the 2nd and 3rd of August. We have been supporters of the conference in previous years and took the opportunity to have a booth and to sponsor the event this year. The conference aligned to many subject areas which we operate in, primarily in the capture and manipulation of sophisticated data for business operations and strategic advantage through to the incorporation of advanced smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We had the opportunity to meet many business leaders, existing partners and exciting innovators such as ourselves.

The main conference theme this year was Exploring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution. The AI revolution is well underway, and businesses of all sizes are already seeing the benefits of integrating AI and data into their operations. We were fortunate to offer advice and guidance to many businesses at the conference. We would like to thank everyone that dropped by our booth to discuss their upcoming project or just say hello!

We would especially like to thank Curtin University and Microsoft for some very interesting discussions on projects, technology, and partnerships. Keep checking back for more exciting news hopefully coming soon!