Redi Software are elated to announce our continued support and sponsorship for the second year running of the JOONDALUP INNOVATION CHALLENGE. Our CEO Daniel Foster was also honoured to also be on the Judge Panel to award a unique Redi Software prize to the finalists.

The grand prize was for the winners to have their project fully designed using our in house professional UX/UI experts here Redi Software to create high fidelity prototype designs along with the use of our ultra-modern office facilities for 4 weeks, surrounded by our extensive professional software team to help, advice and guide with the project.

The JOONDALUP INNOVATION CHALLENGE is a pioneering initiative, jointly conceived and brought to life by the City of Joondalup in collaboration with The FRANK Team. This challenge has garnered significant support from key partners, including Study Perth, and is further bolstered by the participation of a plethora of esteemed educational institutions. Among the participating organizations are some of the region’s most renowned institutions such as the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, and North Metro TAFE. Additionally, the Australian Institute of Workplace Training and the National Institute of Technology, along with several other institutions, have also thrown their weight behind this initiative.

The challenge sees participation from hundreds of both international and local students, offering them an intense and enriching employability learning experience. It serves as a platform for these students to not only enhance their skills but also to establish and expand their local professional networks. Spanning over a duration of one and a half weeks, the challenge encourages inter-institute teams to conceptualize and develop a simulated start-up. The primary objective of these start-ups is to identify and propose solutions to tangible, real-world challenges that are currently faced by the residents and businesses of Joondalup.

To ensure the success and viability of their ideas, the student teams are not left to their own devices. They are provided with invaluable guidance and mentorship from seasoned professionals from various industries. This mentorship aids them in refining their ideas and strategies. The challenge is designed to be flexible in its approach, allowing students to work and brainstorm both virtually and in person. Throughout this journey, they are exposed to, and get hands-on experience with, the latest technological tools and platforms, ensuring they are equipped with contemporary skills and knowledge.

Congratulations to the winners and all the finalists! Redi Software would like to thank Isabelle Charter, Jasmin Ward, Zoe Vos, Bec Kennedy, The Frank Team and the City of Joondalup for all their hard work in putting this amazing event together!