Redi Software is thrilled to announce its collaboration with The Western Australia Cyber Awards, stepping up as the official Software Development Partner and esteemed sponsor for the event. Our involvement extends beyond mere sponsorship; we have actively contributed to the success of the event by spearheading the development of their website and infrastructure that powers the awards.

This collaboration is more than just a partnership on paper. It resonates deeply with our core values and principles. At Redi Software, security and data protection aren’t just buzzwords; they are foundational elements that permeate every layer of our architecture, design, hosting, and software implementations. We believe in creating software solutions that prioritise the safety and integrity of user data above all else

The Western Australia Cyber Awards serve as a beacon, highlighting the innovative solutions, unparalleled achievements, and the visionary leadership exhibited by individuals and organisations that are pushing boundaries in the cybersecurity industry of Western Australia. These awards are a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in cybersecurity.

Our commitment to the event was further underscored by the presence of several Redi Software team members at the prestigious and glittering awards night. It was not just an event; it was a celebration of talent, innovation, and dedication. We were not only proud sponsors but also proud participants, immersing ourselves in the spirit of the evening. Supporting and uplifting the cybersecurity talent within Western Australia is a cause close to our hearts, and we are honoured to be an integral part of this vibrant community.