Unfortunately, far too often software projects fail. This is often a very difficult and stressful time for any business. This might be because:  

  • A project has had numerous false starts 
  • A 3rd party has not delivered on their promise  
  • A cheap outsourcing option overseas not working out as planned 
  • You are not happy with your current software provider for a variety of reasons 
  • You need to raise your game and professionally run and manage a project using industry standards 
  • Your internal team has run into technical limitations of their skillset 

Over the last decade we have seen many, many situations where we have had to take over either a partially finished project or one that was live in production but was in a poor state. Fortunately, we have yet to encounter such a situation where we have not been able to step in and assist. Occasionally such situations can have a much more straightforward resolution path to get a project back on track. From completing missing functionality to database tuning. In the most severe circumstances, a project may involve a total rewrite, but even in such extreme situations there is often salvageable elements such as the database schema, a breakdown of project requirements or front-end components. Every project is different as is each situation. Please reach out and we would be happy to give you an unbiased, external recommendation and plan of attack of your project, regardless of its state.

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Working with Teams

Working with your team to provide additional development capacity and expertise should it be needed.

Developers Perth
Project Handover

Taking over from a complete or partially complete project by other internal or external teams.

Developers Perth
Consulting & Support

Should a complete takeover not be required but additional services are needed such as independent system integrations (read more here) or UX/UI design and implementation (read more here)

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Subject Matter Expertise

The targeting of specific areas such as CTO consulting (read more here) or Solution Architecture consulting (read more here)

Example Services

App Development Services

Layer Completion

You might have a database competed or possibly a backend but missing the frontend or visa-versa. We can create unfinished tiers.

App Development Services

Missing Functionality

Maybe your project is complete but missing functionality, modules, or sections due to limited skillsets such as integrations into 3rd parties.

App Development Services

Additional Phases

Due to circumstances, one phase may be complete, but others remain. We are happy to continue and build on what exists.

App Development Services

Complete Rebuilds

Maybe a bad language or platform choice has led to a project that cannot be completed. We are rapidly able to rebuild a project form the beginning based on what already exists.

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