A Progressive Web App (or PWA) is a modern step forward from a standard web app, providing capabilities that make it a serious alternative to a native mobile app.

Progressive Web Apps are basically web applications (or web pages) that take advantages of the latest web technology to look and act like a mobile app but are built like any other website. They are not installed through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store but are simply installed through your web browser. You may have already seen an ‘Add to Home Screen’ functionality while browsing on your phone.

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Fast to Build

Performs like a standard web page in the browser.

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Online & Offline

The ability to operate both offline and on poor network connections. A PWA can store data locally on an internal database and synchronise that data with a cloud server when it has an internet connection.

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Bypass App Stores

You App can be added to your devices home page (just like a mobile app) without having to go through a complex app submission process.

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Legacy Support

Support for older devices that are not supported by the app store and the ability to gracefully degrading features.

Example Services

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Search Engines Ranking

Be found in Google with your app and take advantage of website SEO.

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Avoid the Crowds

Avoids the very crowded Apple and Android app stores and gain a competitive advantage.

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No Updates

Updates are delivered automatically without having to go through app store approval processes. This not only saves money but also allows you to respond much faster to user requests or issues.

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User Experience

Fast great user experience like native mobile apps without the hassle of designing and building one.

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