All successful software starts with an idea. Sometimes this might be a set of high-level requirements, an overarching goal or possibly a series of drawings on what the product could look like. Almost anything can be created with software but knowing what to create and how is the key to a successful project that can be delivered within a reasonable budget and timeframe. Whatever the stage you are at with the design of your software, we will be able to ensure your idea can be realised.


Work with us on refining your ideas, looking at them from a technical perspective and using our vast knowledge of different system to enhance your ideas.

Realistic Timeframe Estimation

Helping you understand what is a 5-minute development task and what is a 5 month task! Sometimes what you believe is a complex task are actually easy to implement and visa-versa.

Non-Technical Handholding

We do not use technical jargon or even expect you to have a basic understanding of software development. We like simple and clean and that’s how we approach everything.

Devil’s Advocate

We will challenge your ideas, thoughts and concepts to ensure they are valid solutions to business problems. Your success is our success, and we want the best outcomes possible.

Example Services

Requirements Gathering

Gathering requirements, prioritising and breaking down the requirements is key to scope, time and budget management.

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Wireframe Concept Design

Creating wireframes of screen layouts to conceptually build solutions before committing resource to them is valuable. We work with you on efficient yet attractive and enjoyable interface design.

UX/UI Design

We can assist in the frontend graphical design (UX/UI) of your software as a starting point before a single line of code is written to help secure investment or company signoff.

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Professional system design at a low level is the foundation of any software. Solid architect of your software is key.

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Single Source Solutions
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